Saturday 7th December 2013 – Dinghy Sailing Report.

Six intrepid sailors arrived to head out onto the icy blue, initially that figure was five, however after a number of text messages heavily loaded with expletives, John Burnell joined the Mêlée.

One noticeable absentee was Cogger, once again he made his excuses, once again stating that he was helping the building with the foundations to the new “East Wing”. Unbeknown to Cogger, his builder was  standing chatting to the fleet in the car park, contradicting his every word – rumour has it that based on the  time he has spent on the “groundwork’s” he is constructing an evil Lair, four stories deep, complete with Moustache preening parlour. Will Cogger turn up next week?

With Craig commanding the safety/Committee boat, weather conditions were 19 gusting 24 from pretty much all directions, the fleet set sail for what was set to be an entertaining afternoon.

The races seemed to blur into one another such was hilarity of the tack-ticks being employed by certain sailors.  Holyhead dinghy fleet has reputation pushing  the “Port Flyer” some have this manoeuvre cracked, others… not so much.  Because of the oscillating winds, races 1 and 2 had a Port Bias on the start, however those with an understanding of wind noticed that this bias was quickly cancelled out by an opposing bias 50 meters up beat.  
Not having an understanding of wind, its effect, or even where it comes from! John Burnell decided to take advantage of the temporary port advantage and went for the “Flyer”.   Powering away from the fleet he made it stick and attempted to consolidate on his lead by covering the fleet to the windward mark, all to great effect. Onlookers were herd cheering from the foreshore, and rightly so!  Flushed with success John began “show-boating” by conducting a series of tacks, culminating in a swim followed by a demonstration for the viewing public on how to capsize and recover a Laser dinghy!

It was at this point that John’s race began to unravel, whilst delivering a demonstration to his adoring public, john missed the whole fleet sneaking past him around the windward mark and off down the run! At one stage it was difficult to ascertain whether it was a regatta or a pantomime? Widow Twonkey performing centre stage, while the audience cried out “They are behind you”!!

After giving himself a stern talking to (for the remainder of the race) John regrouped in readiness for the second round.
 Meanwhile the remainder of the fleet had their own trials and tribulations to deal with… Geraint, on seeing John showing off, decided to deliver a demonstration of his own, a  high speed wipe-out! Catching a gust and accelerating onto the reach fifty meters short of the finish line he attempted the Infamous “Jamie Burn Pitch Pole” with great success!  Jamie not to be out done; took every opportunity to capsize -  prior to the race, during the race and after each race. Well done to him on his stamina alone!

The main event was saved for the start of race 2, fresh from his successes with his first port flyer; John threw caution to the wind (literally) and went for it again, however the second attempt had two minor flaws in the plan… 1. The fleet now knew what he was about to do!! 2. The pin-end bias was no longer as big.  With 5 seconds to go the fleet lined up to rain on John’s parade, first up was Mike Thorne who timed his run perfectly, john was forced to ram him twice, bare away, and just miss the transom of Jamie’s boat who has adopted Mike as his new icon, and opted to do just as Mike had.  John eventually did half of his penalty turns and following the fleet up the course, oblivious to the fact that he had been DSQ’d for not doing the required number of turns!

For those of you who want to watch the video of John “Rammer” Burnell can do so very soon!!!

Not to be outdone Mike followed John, Geraint, and Jamie’s lead by performing a capsize of his own.  Being a POT HUNTER, Mike  waited until he had  crossed the line before performing his .. well done to you 7 out of 10 for artistic impression!

Next sailing Sat 14th See you there..