Dinghy results Saturday 27th October 2012
Burnell Victorious

A cold and breezy morning saw a few of the tougher sailors on scene with an initial fleet of 5 lasers and 1 lone Finn.
The advert in the RAF Valley Wings magazine paid dividends with the first RAF personnel turning up to enter the fray.  Ryan bailed out the Bosun resulting in the Laser rat pack diving into the Portsmouth Handicap webpage to find out its handicap. He then rigged the RAF Laser with a full rig. Sighs echoed around the dinghy park as we all remembered the last RAF man to sail that boat a Physical Training Instructor with the record of 30 plus capsizes in one evening.

With a cold northerly breeze and lots of windy holes over at the ODM area, the first course proved a bit too adventurous for some of the fleet with Ryan giving frequent demos of RAF ditching practice.
Craig's ongoing saga of Serious and Bad Ongoing Technical and Gear Events seems to be continuing. After last week's mystery of the missing bung, this week saw the failure of his outhaul shackle, which in spite of a fortuitous supply of spare parts from the safety escort, only delayed his early departure to the Sunday papers team.
Geraint “I no longer work Weekends” capsized on the first gybe mark allowing Ryan to blast past until he fell out backwards allowing Geraint to overtake him with the biggest smile so far this season on his face.
Phil Finns Comment “I know what you lot the Laser pack are up to by fixing the courses with close reaches instead of runs” the battleship Finn doesn’t like close reaches unless your name is Ben.
John Burnell’s day went downhill with Phil’s comment “You didn’t come second last week as you hit me from behind and didn’t do your turns so you’re binned from that race”.
Race 1
John B          LASER 1085    19M 24S    1164    10728        1ST
COGGER    LASER  1110    20M 13S    1213    10927        2ND
PHIL             FINN     1060    19M 38S    1178    11113        3RD
GERAINT    LASER  1085    22M 44S                                    4TH
RYAN           LASER  1085    28M 04S                                    5TH
CRAIG         LASER  1110    DNF                                            6TH

Races 2 and 3 saw a shift of course towards North West with better conditions, although the presence of a few "not so windy" holes saw Ryan reverting to RAF bailout tactics although the frequent capsize drills continued in order to ensure the attention of the safety boat crew.
Having managed to do running repairs to his outhaul, Craig now suffered a failure with his kicking strap in race 2 and deciding that the Gods were trying to tell him something, headed for an early shower.
Ryan’s comment for the day was “I’m a big boat sailor”
John B comment “can you get the results on the web?  Obviously you’re embarrassed by my relentless winning streak in line with my natural superiority“
Coggers comment “I’m too old for this and thanks to Craig for the spare mast and sail“.
PHIL            FINN1060        19M 39S    1179    1112        3RD
JOHN B       LASER1085    19M 57S    1197    1103        2ND
COGGER    LASER1110    20M05S      1205    1085        1ST
GERAINT    LASER1085    24M25S                                    4TH
RYAN           LASER1085    24M52S                                    5TH
CRAIG         LASER1110     DNF                                          6TH


Phil                FINN1060       23M06S    1386    13075        3RD
JOHN B        LASER1085    23M33S    1413    1302        1ST
COGGER    LASER1110     24M11S    1451    13072        2ND
GERAINT    LASER1085     26M59S                                    4TH
RYAN           LASER1085     27M48S                                    5TH
CRAIG         LASER1110     DNS                


JOHN B        1ST    2ND    1ST     4    1ST
COGGER     2ND    1ST    2ND    5    2ND
PHIL                 3         3          3      9     3RD
GERAINT       4TH    4TH    4TH  12    4TH
RYAN              5TH    5TH    5TH  15    5TH
CRAIG            DNF    DNF    DNS        LAST