Club Officers & Committee Members 2014

President - Peggie Robinson

Vice Presidents -  Edward Warden-Owen, Colin D Jones (Coggers)

Commodore - Simon Dubberley

Vice Commodore - Nigel Dennis

Rear Commodore -   Kim Argyle

Honorary Secretary - Vacant

Honorary Treasurer - Brian Griffiths

Honorary Sailing Secretary - Paul Sutton

Management Committee
Simon Dubberley, Nigel Dennis, Kim Argyle, Sue James, Paul Bond, David
Woodhead, Brian Griffiths, Dewi Thomas

House Committee
The Club Officers

Moorings Committee
  Kim Argyle, Brian Griffiths, Paul Bond, Dave Woodhead, Peter Marshall, Pat Guest,
Sam Armstrong, Mervyn Davies, Bob Pink, O.T.P. Roberts

Sailing Committee
Paul Sutton (Sailing Secretary)
Class Captains: John Jones (Offshore), Helen Peters (Vice Offshore), Craig Hughes (Squibs),
Colin (Cogger) Jones (Dinghies), Allan Bagnall (Dinghy Park), Sue James (Child Protection and events), James Marsden (Youth Development), Capt Simon Mills (RIBs), Dawn Russell (Trophies and Championships), Peter (Sam) Samuel

The Club Officers are ex-officio members of all sub-committees and the
Moorings Committee